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Welcome to the Angel Investor Education Program
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Angel investor education program

Dear Investor,

Welcome to this angel investor education program. We’re delighted to have you join us to learn more about the skills and process of angel investing.

Scale Investors was founded in 2013 to increase the investment opportunities open to female innovators in Australia. We are a catalyst for change to solve for the investment gender gap. We do this by facilitating experienced women and men to invest into qualified early stage businesses led by exceptional females.

We’re totally committed to Australia's innovation agenda and building innovation skills in this country. Our work today is creating the jobs and companies of the future. The need for women to participate and to succeed is absolutely critical in delivering real equality.

We’re excited about this education program. Completing this program will enable a new angel investor to understand their path as an early stage investor and take the right steps to make their first investment. It also allows Scale to be anywhere, anytime, enabling investors from right across the country to build their knowledge of what it takes to succeed in early stage investing.

We’ve built this program leveraging five years of experience with our investor education process combined with interviews of 30 additional investors, experts and entrepreneurs. You will find a range of viewpoints that represent the leading current thinking in the Australian market.

We trust you will get immense value from the program – and look forward to co-investing with you in the near future.

Susan Oliver – Chairman, Scale Investors
Ariane Barker – CEO, Scale Investors